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Different Types of Orgasms



Did you know there are different types of orgasms? And each type of orgasm can carry a different level of pleasure, or frustration. Changing up the type of orgasm you give your submissive can add a whole new dimension of play and domination.

In this blog, we will show you the different orgasm types, and how each one will affect a denied chastity locked submissive.


Full Orgasm

A Full Orgasm is the traditional orgasm most people experience. You feel the build up becoming more and more intense until you finally reach an explosive orgasm of ecstasy and bliss. This is the epitome of pleasure.

When a submissive experiences a full orgasm after days or weeks of orgasm denial, with or without the aid of a chastity device; the intensity can be double, triple, or even tenfold they would normally feel from an orgasm. It can genuinely become the greatest sensation the person has felt.


Oftentimes, after a submissive experiences this full orgasm after a period of denial, and the fireworks fade away, they can enter a temporary period of withdrawal. Realizing what they’ve been missing out on can take away the submissive behavior, and for some, even make the submissive rude or arrogant.

A Full Orgasm is a great reward to give a chastity sub, but it is recommended to be seldomly used (if at all) for longer period of chastity and/or denial play.

full orgasm
Ruined Orgasm

A Ruined Orgasm is much like the name suggests, ruined. When that intense buildup starts happening, you are getting closer and closer to that explosiveness, add in a few more strokes to put you over the point of no return, and then STOP all stimulation right past that point.

This will result in the submissive still cumming - sometimes explosively, sometimes just a slow drain - but there will be no pleasure associated with it. They will just watch the precious fluids spilling out, without any sensation.


Unlike a Full Orgasm, ruined orgasms can be given in succession. Meaning after a submissive has had a ruined orgasm, you can usually give them another ruined orgasm (if you wish) either immediately or shortly after the first. There is no long cooldown period like a Full Orgasm.

This is used frequently by Dom’s because it will give the submissive some relief, but it will keep them horny and frustrated, and most importantly, submissive and very eager to continue serving.

ruined orgasmAbandoned Orgasm

An Abandoned Orgasm is similar to a ruined orgasm. However, instead of the entire orgasm being ruined, it gets abandoned shortly after the semen starts to flow. After the point of no return is reached, you continue pleasuring the submissive through the beginning of the orgasm, and then stop all stimulation.


It’s great to give the submissive a taste of an orgasm, and then ruining it to keep them frustrated and submissive. This can sometimes be even more frustrating than a ruined orgasm, because the submissive will instantly realize what they are missing out on.

Many Dom’s will use this as a form of reward, without having to worry about them going into the withdrawal state mentioned earlier.

abandoned orgasm

Prostate Milking

A Prostate Milking is a process of massaging the prostate gland inside of the anus, resulting in the semen dribbling out of the penis, without any penile stimulation! You can read up on the Prostate Milking Process here. This process is a bit trickier than the other types of orgasms, but it’s very popular among Dom’s and chastity sub’s alike. You can also use tools such as a Prostate Massager to make the process easier.


By giving your submissive a Prostate Milking, you don’t even have to unlock their chastity cage. This is great for those into more serious chastity play. It is the most frustrating of the orgasm techniques, and keeps the submissive at peak frustration, horniness, and submissiveness.


Prostate Milkings are as much of an art as they are a science. In the beginning, you may notice that little-to-no semen gets leaked. But your submissive will still experience massive frustration (which can be fun). It takes practice and patience to learn it. And the longer the submissive has been denied, the easier it becomes to achieve prostate milking.

Best of all, it is still more than enough relief to maintain proper prostate health in a male. So for the more cruel and sadistic Dom’s out there, that is all you need to give your submissive a healthy release!

prostate milkingEdging

Edging is the process of bringing your submissive right up to the point of no return, without bringing them over, and then stopping all stimulation. You are bringing them right to the edge of an orgasm, without actually giving them an orgasm.


This technique is extremely popular in the chastity community, and it can be a lot of fun (and quite frustrating). Many chastity couples will practice edging on a regular basis as it’s a great form of tease and denial because, unlike an orgasm where it’s one and done, it can be done over and over again, until you decide to stop.

Edging makes the submissive yearn for the orgasm more, and it greatly boosts horniness, frustration, and submissiveness in the process! Whether you decide to give and provide one of the other orgasm techniques after a good edging session, or lock your submissive back up to yearn in their frustration is entirely up to you!

Or if you prefer to edge your submissive without unlocking them from their chastity cage, you can do so by applying a vibrator, such as our Vibrating Wand, onto the cage. This will provide more than enough stimulation to bring them to the edge.


One key component to remember for new Dom’s is, your submissive will likely beg and plead for an orgasm during a good edging session, but they really crave denial. So do your submissive a favor and give them the denial they seek without any orgasm at the end, until you are ready to give them one.


In Summary

In summary we discussed the different types of orgasms you can give your submissive. You can give them a full orgasm for all the bliss an orgasm can bring, or you can choose to ruin or abandon it to keep them frustrated and submissive.


If you don’t want them to have penile stimulation, then a prostate milking is the perfect option. By massaging the prostate in the anus, the semen will just dribble out, leaving them a hot and horny mess.

Or if you’re looking for some fun with your sub, you can unlock them and bring them to the edge of orgasm as many times as you would like, without having to worry about any mess or clean up afterwards! Best of all, this will keep them frustrated and ready to serve!


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