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How To Prevent Slipping Out Of Your Chastity Cage


Slipping out of your chastity cage can be frustrating and even ruin the fantasy of chastity itself. Sadly, most people who have been in chastity have experienced slippage either accidentally, or intentionally by pulling out of their device.

The good news is, this can be fixed and prevented. We have detailed a list of various ways to make your device more secure, and fulfill the chastity fantasy of your dreams.


Ring Sizing

Ring SizeThe most immediate remedy could be that your device isn’t sized properly for you. This is very common for those new to the chastity lifestyle.

Try using a ring size smaller than the one you are using now. A snug ring will ensure that you are less likely to slip out of the cage. This can often be the quick fix you are looking for.

Just be sure not to go too tight, as it can cut off circulation. If you notice any dark purple/blue discoloration in your testicles when flaccid or erect, then your ring is too tight.

You can also use our Measurement Guide to help you identify what the ideal ring size for you would be.


Spacer Sizing

SpaceSome devices offer a spacer feature, which allows you to customize the distance between the ring and the cage.

If you are using a device with a spacer, and your ring is already sized properly, the next item to check is the spacer distance. Much like the ring, try downsizing the spacer and check to ensure the circulation is not getting cut off.

A smaller spacer size can also help if you experience your testicles slipping past the ring (uncommon).


Cage Sizing

different sizesAnother common reason for slipping out of your chastity cage is if it is too large. If you fill less than half of the cage length when you are flaccid, then it can become top-heavy and pull forward, allowing you to slip out.

If this is the case, try downsizing your cage to one that is closer to the length of your flaccid penis.

A properly sized cage will make your device more secure, and make you less likely to slip out.

If your sizing is right and you are still slipping out of your cage, then you may need to try one of these alternatives to increase the security of your device.



anti pulloutsA small number of chastity devices on the market offer the option of an anti-pullout mechanism, such as The Vice, which will prevent you from slipping, “turtling”, or even pulling out of your cage.

Anti-pullouts are designed to give you the most secure chastity experience without the need for purchasing an expensive full waist belt, or for the brave, getting a Prince Albert Piercing (described below).

A few devices have this type of accessory included, while others require you to purchase an aftermarket component to make it work.

It is worth doing your research on the chastity device you are using or considering purchasing to see if they offer an anti-pullout feature. If you are unsure if your device offers an anti-pullout, try contacting the shop you purchased it from for more information.


Full Waist Belt

full waist beltA full waist belt is exactly as it sounds, it is a chastity device that wraps around your waist, preventing you from slipping out of or removing the device.

These devices are considered one of the most secure in the chastity world, as it can completely restrict access to the genitals, and makes it nearly impossible to pull out of. If you are looking for that ultimate secure feeling from your device, then this is what you want.

dollarsThere are, however, a few drawbacks to this type of device. For a quality full waist belt, you will be spending north of $1,000 USD, and in many cases several thousands.

Some of the full waist belts will also slightly limit mobility, which is an important consideration if you live an active lifestyle.

Lastly, if you experience large swings in your body weight, then the device can become too tight/too loose and would require either sending it back to the manufacturer to be resized, or purchase a new device for your new body physique. So don’t look at purchasing one of these if you are planning on gaining or losing some weight!


Prince Albert Piercing

A Prince Albert, or PA, Piercing is for those looking to take their chastity play to the extreme. A PA is when you pierce the head of the penis, through the urethra hole to the underside of the penis. The piercing is then fitted with a traditional gauge style semi-circle ring.

Photo from Reddit - r/chastity

The PA piercing is often done to enhance pleasure during intercourse (for all parties involved). However, for the sake of chastity, it is used to fasten a lock through the hole at the tip of the cage.

Much like the lock on the chastity device, this one going through your penis will ensure that you will not be slipping out of your cage!

This is considered to be the most secure method for preventing pulling out of a chastity device. Now the question is, how far are you willing to go to secure yourself in chastity?


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