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Prolonging Denial



Chastity is like a game.  It is fun, challenging, frustrating, and can be played with one or more people.  But more than that, each time you play, you typically try to beat your last record.  This blog will show you how you can ramp up your lockups to make each progressive chastity lockup better, longer, and more enjoyable.


Chastity Is About Denial

Chastity was created so the wearer cannot touch themselves and bring themselves to an orgasm, not without their keyholder releasing them first.  After all, a chastity device is designed for orgasm denial.

It’s a world of difference after a hot and heavy session, not being able to enjoy the climatic euphoria of an orgasm at the end, and instead, be pent up full of unspent sexual frustration, throbbing in your Vice Chastity Cage.  Experiencing this frustration after a long period without chastity (or if it’s your first time in chastity) is both intense and addicting.

As the days go on, and the teasing & denial continues, the intensity only continues to build on itself.  The submissive in chastity gradually grows more desperate for that long-sought-after orgasm, but is instead met with denial day in and day out.  The submissive finds themselves continually clocked in a constant 11/10 on the horniness scale, and even has difficulty thinking about anything non-sexual.


The days turn into weeks, and the submissive, while still red-lining the sexual energy, learns to cope with the feeling, channeling it into their submission to their keyholder.  Finally, after several weeks of denial, the keyholder permits the submissive to have an orgasm.

Weeks of pent up frustration released in a single moment.  The orgasm is the most intense sensation the submissive has ever felt.  It will be so powerful that they cannot even move for a few minutes, other than the occasional twitch, from the intense sensation.  As the euphoric high fades away, they hear the keyholder say, “Lock yourself back up, the next unlock won’t be for a month this time.”


Increasing The Time After Each Release or Orgasm

For most people, this hot and erotic scenario would not happen on the very first lockup.  To achieve something like this, you would need to build up to it with incrementally longer lockups after every orgasm or release from chastity.


Building up the duration of each lockup can be done in any number of ways, and the duration will vary between each user.  We will outline two of the most popular methods used by chastity enthusiasts.  This is merely a guide and can be changed and adapted to any way that suits you best.


Incremental Increases

Incremental increases in chastity lockup durations is where you gradually add more time after each release.  Each increase in time is usually the same increase as the time before.


To start off the lockup, the first duration would usually be a few days, up to a week.  For this example, we will say one week.

After the first week has passed, the submissive earns an orgasm – which type of orgasm the submissive receives is up to the keyholder (see Different Types of Orgasms).  After the orgasm, the sub is locked back into their chastity cage, this time for two weeks.

After 2 weeks have passed, the submissive is permitted another orgasm, and then locked back up for 3 weeks.  And on and on the time increases until you decide where the maximum amount of time would be, if there is a maximum.


Doubling Down

Another popular method is doubling the lockup duration after each unlock.  This is fun to start on a 1 or 2 day lockup, and then double that amount for the next unlock.  For this example, we will use a day 2 lockup.


After 2 days, the sub is permitted an orgasm, and then locked back up for 4 days before their next release.

After 4 days, the submissive will be unlocked and then the next duration would be 8 days (1 week to keep it simple).  After the week, it becomes 2 weeks.  Then after 2 weeks, it becomes 4 weeks (1 month).

After the 1 month, it then goes onto 2 months.  Etc. Etc.

As you can see, this method quickly scales upwards, resulting in significantly longer lockups after just the first few.  This method tends to be more popular with more experienced users.


Ideal Lockup Duration

The “ideal” lockup duration will vary for each individual.  One person may feel that one release every three months is sufficient, while another might feel that once a week is too difficult.

One of the most popular time frames among submissives tend to be 1 orgasm per month.

The best way to approach this is by pushing the boundaries and gradually increasing the time after each lockup.  See for yourself what feels like an appropriate challenge.  It shouldn’t be too easy, nor too difficult (unless that is what you are striving for).

You will find out (with proper keyholder supervision) that a person can actually go much longer than you may think without an orgasm.  You may even surprise yourself while attempting to outdo your last record!



Chastity is about denial.  The longer the denial period, the more intense the experience tends to be.  Treat it like a game and try to beat your best record for how long the lockup duration should be.

Increasing the duration should be done after each lockup.  This can either be done incrementally by adding a constant amount of time after each unlock, or exponentially by doubling down the amount of time.


Finding the ideal lockup duration will be different for everyone.  Try one of the methods previously mentioned, or find an alternative one that suits you best.  Each lockup should be a challenge, but not too difficult to be discouraging.  You may surprise yourself for how long of a duration you can withstand!

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