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The Best (Naughty) Gift List for the Holidays

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Looking to add some spicy gift ideas this holiday season for those on the naughty list? We’ve compiled a list of great gift ideas to give that naughty special someone a holiday season to remember, even if that naughty someone is you!

We have organized a list of toys from casual and vanilla, all of the way up to those fit for a true fetishist.


Vibrating Wand


Price Range: $30+

A vibrating wand is a perfect gift for anyone. It doesn’t require much effort to deliver tremendous amounts of stimulation and pleasure to the genitals. It works great to give powerful orgasms to both males and females, making it the perfect gift for anyone that is into pleasure.

Wands can be plugged in to an outlet, or be offered with a wireless battery powered alternative, such as our Standard Vibrating Wand.




Price Range: $30+

Lingerie has been the cornerstone of sexiness for decades. Who doesn’t want to flaunt off their body and feel sexy doing it? Getting that special someone something that will make them look and feel sexy is always a great gift!

There are many lingerie boutiques out there, all offering their own style and spice. One of the most well-known brands being Victoria’s Secret.


Beginner’s Bondage Kit


Price Range: $50+

A beginner’s bondage kit is an excellent gift for those that are into BDSM play, or may want to experience it for the first time. A good kit offers all of the essentials you would need to be experimental and try new sensations – from restraints and blindfolds to floggers, collars, and feathers. This makes a great gift to discover more about yourself or your partner, or to just try something new!

If the gift is designed to explore kinks, it’s important to choose a kit that is of good quality, but not something top of the line. Unless you know what the receiver of the gift is into, you don’t want to splurge spending $100’s on a premium kit. We offer a Beginner’s Bondage Kit that offers a 10-piece quality fuzzy restraint kit that is both comfortable and explorative.




Price Range: $20-90

Floggers make a great gift for those that enjoy a good spanking. They come extremely versatile from a bunny flogger that is soft and fuzzy and great for sensation play, up to leather and horsehair floggers that will provide a more intense sensation upon impact.

They are great for sensation play, as light striking can get the blood flowing to an area and make sensations become heightened and aroused (not at all painful, but rather enjoyable). Or if the person is into a more intense sensation, a harder impact can be used to replicate, or even exceed, the sting of a spanking.

Extreme Restraints offers an excellent selection of floggers for you to choose from.


Hot Wax Play


Price Range: $5-30

Give the gift of sensation play with hot wax. Hot wax takes a turn for the kinkier side, as it can create new and intense sensations for the person receiving it. The hot wax makes a hot, but not burning, sensation that lasts for a few brief seconds. In the right setting, it can enhance arousal and sexual energy between partners.

A standard candle will work for this type of play, but there are special BDSM Hot Wax candles designed for this type of play. Some of these candles also make it much easier to remove the wax after play is finished.




Price Range: $20-90

Strap-ons are becoming one of the most popular toys to have, making it a great gift for most people. Strap-ons work great for all genders, as it opens up the possibilities for new and unique sexual encounters. Whether you want to use one to please your partner (or have your partner please you), using it for double penetration, or as a tool for tease & denial by pleasuring your partner while you arousingly (and frustratingly) watch.

Many strap-ons come with a set dildo attached; however, there are others, such as The Crotch Rocket, which allow you to interchange dildos to give the receiver customizable degrees of pleasure. This unique strap-on also sits on the pelvis, leaving the entire genitalia region exposed for both males and females!


Anal Trainer Kit


Price Range: $15-50

An anal trainer kit is a great gift for those into anal play, or for those curious about anal play. An anal trainer kit gives you the chance to explore anal play in a gradual and safe manner. Depending on the kit, they usually come with 3 different sizes, sometimes 4. Trying out the smallest size is easy and comfortable, and gives a great introduction to anal play. If the person enjoys it, the additional larger sizes allow for a greater stretching sensation, which can ultimately lead to other forms of anal play.

The silicone Anal Trainer Kit on our website is an excellent introduction to anal play. The soft silicone plugs are very flexible and comfortable, providing the most desirable experience, especially for those new to the experience.


Chastity Device


Price Range: $70-200

Give (or take) the gift of orgasm control this holiday season with a chastity device! A chastity device is arguably one of the fastest growing fetishes in the world, and for good reason. Locking up your genitals and surrendering the key to someone else is an adrenaline rush.

The sexual arousal experienced when locked in a device and unable to orgasm begins to reach new and unforeseen heights, and that feeling can be addictive. And when an orgasm is finally granted after a period of denial; it will become, single-handedly, the best orgasm of that person’s life. What better gift to give than that?

A great device for both beginners and experts in the chastity space is The Vice. It is the most cost-efficient device on the market; offering multiple sizes in each kit, so there is no guesswork to the recipient’s anatomy size. Allowing them a perfect fit right out of the box.

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