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How to Measure Yourself for Chastity


One of the most important details to get right to have an enjoyable chastity experience is finding the right size device for your anatomy.  Too often people order a device without knowing what size they need, and ultimately end up disappointed with a product they paid good money for that they cannot use.


The best way to avoid this pitfall is to know what your measurements are before making a purchase.  This way you know which devices will fit, and which ones won't.  


Below is a link with Step-by-Step instructions on how to get your measurements at home.  

How To Measure Yourself for Chastity

The most important measurement is your flaccid girth, as this will determine if you can fit into the device or not.  The other measurements help with the overall experience and comfort level in the device.


If you have any questions about your measurements or need help, please reply to this email with your question and we will be happy to help!


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