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Importance of Security

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Security is one of the most important elements of chastity for many people in the lifestyle (second to comfort).  The security of a chastity device is determined by how difficult - or easy - a device is to remove without unlocking it.  For most, this is the essential ingredient to experience chastity rather than using the honor system not to cheat and pull themselves out of the device.

Sadly, most devices on the market are relatively easy to escape out of.  Once flaccid, simply pulling the device forward & downward and "fingering" the penis out inch-by-inch can defeat even some of the most well-known devices on the market.  This can also defeat the fantasy behind chastity.  BUT, there are ways to increase the security....





There are some devices on the market that offer Anti-Pullouts.  This will enhance the security of the device by grasping onto the penis, making even the most valiant attempts at escape difficult or impossible.

The Vice was designed entirely around this Anti-Pullout technology, and to provide wearers with the inescapable chastity experience.



Prince Albert Piercing

Another option chastity enthusiasts will pursue is getting a Prince Albert - or PA - Piercing.  This is a more extreme option where the wearer will get the head of their penis pierced.

The PA piercing can then have a lock fed through the hole, making escape impossible without unlocking.

PA piercing 2



full_belt-removebg-preview copy

Full Belt

A Full Belt device can also offer a substantial degree of security.  Having the security of the device lie around the waist, it provides the option to fully encase the genitals, entirely removing access to them.


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