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Introducing Your Partner to Chastity


The best approach for introducing your partner to chastity (or other kinks)

Introducing your partner to your chastity fetish can be a frightening ordeal. You start experiencing doubts and scenarios in your head of what could go wrong… “what if s/he thinks I’m weird for liking chastity”, “what if they say no”, “what if…”, and so on.

You can lay all of those fears, doubts, and worries to bed, because in this blog is a list of tips and resources that you can use to tell your partner, and even get them intrigued by it. So where to begin?


Timing is Key if you want them to hold your Key

canstockphoto104036822The most important part of telling your partner about chastity is choosing the right time to tell them.

You don’t want to approach your partner with this idea of chastity if they have had a long day, are exhausted, stressed out, tired, angry, etc. It’s best to catch them when they’ve had a good day, and their spirits are high.

Doing so will ensure your idea is openly received and entertained instead of being rejected out of the gate.


Help your partner have a good day

canstockphoto100408543Helping your partner have a good day can be done by taking them out to a nice dinner, going for a romantic walk, watching a movie, giving a foot or body massage, or anything else your partner would find enjoyable.

You want to make your partner the center of your world for that day.

If your partner enjoys drinking or smoking cannabis, then help them relax with a nice bottle of wine or some herb (only recommended if legal in your area).


Casually build up the conversation

canstockphoto54643878Now that you’ve helped your partner have a great day, it’s time to spice up the conversation a bit. One of the easiest ways to do this is ask them what their biggest sexual fantasy is.

You want your partner to share their fantasy with you. But just like you, they may be nervous about it or caught off guard by the question. Be very open, warm, and welcoming here and see if they will share it with you. Let them know you want to fulfill their sexual fantasies.

If they insist on not sharing, do not pry too hard or it will kill the mood.

Instead, tell them that you have sexual fantasies that you would like to share with them.

From here, you can either jump right into telling them about your chastity fantasy, or start off with one or two “milder” fantasies that you may have. Don’t overdo it here, this is meant to be a segue for you to introduce the chastity fetish to them.


See Product: Chastity Confession Letter


Talking about your chastity fantasy

canstockphoto88814094Now it’s time to share with your partner your fantasy. Let them know that you have always wanted to try male chastity. Unless they are a seasoned kinkster, your partner is likely going to ask you what that is.

Here is your golden opportunity to intrigue them by the idea. Let them know what it is, and that you want them to be your keyholder. And quickly follow that up with how it will benefit them.

You want to let your partner know what things could be like if they were your keyholder. Don’t talk about yourself here, make it all about them so they can understand the benefits they will get from keeping you under lock and key.

You want to let them know it will bring more romance and intimacy to the relationship, you will have more days where it’s all about them, you can give them regular massages, or do the household chores, or all of the above! You can also read The Benefits of Male Chastity to get additional talking points and ideas.

If your partner is going to be intrigued by the idea, they need to know how it will benefit them. The question is, what are you willing to do for them to make that dream become a reality……? Then that’s what you need to tell them!

Gauge your partner's reaction here. Are they completely on-board? Are they on the fence? Are they still unsure?

If the answer isn’t “completely on-board”, then ask them if they would at least be willing to try it to see if they would like it, and how it would be fulfilling one of your biggest fantasies by doing so.

Your partner is likely going to need the night (or a few) to think about it. Don’t be too pushy about getting their answer; give them their time and space.

After a few days, casually bring up the topic again, and ask them if they have given it any thought and would be willing to try it.

If they are still hesitant, ask them if they would be willing to read up on it to understand it better.


Educate Your Partner

canstockphoto96335983We have developed an introductory to male chastity guide which is the perfect tool to teach your partner about male chastity. It starts off slow and was designed to be very unintimidating.

It will help your partner understand male chastity, how it will benefit them, and bring a little more normalcy to the topic.

After reading the series of guides, it will be sure to pique your partner’s interest.


Another Tool

canstockphoto12539307If verbally approaching your partner with this fantasy still seems too overwhelming, then check out our Chastity Confession Letters.

We designed two letters – one for a couple already into kinky activities, and one for a more vanilla couple. Let this letter do the talking for you, and then introduce them to the introductory guide mentioned above.


In Summary

It’s best to catch your partner in a good mood before approaching them with the topic of chastity. You can help them create the good mood by doing activities they would like.

Once you have them in a good mood, casually start the conversation of sexual fantasies before revealing your chastity fantasy. Approach the topic with their benefit in mind, get them excited to try it.

If they need additional motivation or education, you can show them the introductory to male chastity guide.

If verbally approaching your partner still seems like an impossible task, we’ve got you covered with our Chastity Confession Letters.


There you have it! Now go out there and let them know how you feel, so you can get locked up and enjoy the sensation of chastity!

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