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Introduction to Sissification


One of the most common fetishes associated with male chastity is sissification. While not everyone shares this fetish, roughly 1/3 of male chastity users do!

So what exactly is sissification, and what does being a Sissy mean? Why would someone want to become a Sissy? And how does all this tie in with male chastity?

We will dive into all of this and explain the process of Sissification, and why chastity could lead to someone wanting to be feminized.


What is Sissification?

Sissification is the process of feminizing a male (usually locked in chastity such as The Vice Micro). This can be a modest adjustment, such as having him wear a pair of panties; or it can be as extravagant and emasculating as your imagination – dresses, heels, makeup, wig, etc. Once an individual has been “sissified”, they are usually referred to as a ‘Sissy’.



Why would a man want this?

There are a multitude of reasons why a man would want to be sissified. Starting with one of the most common… it’s kinky! A man dressing and even acting feminine goes against everything society and upbringing tells us what men should do, and isn’t part of the fun of kink doing what everyone else finds taboo?!


Sissification is also frequently found in the chastity lifestyle for a similar reason. Being locked up 24/7 for extended periods of time, the horniness and hormones start flying off the chart. The submissive delves into a deeper level of kink in this state than their everyday kinky self. Often times this will bring about more extreme versions of existing kinks, or even new kinks altogether; with sissification being one of them!

Sissification also allows men to get in touch with a more feminine and gentler side of themselves. They can explore a version of themselves they haven’t seen before, and watching this process unfold can be exciting for them, as well as their Dom(me)!


Then there are those with a humiliation fetish, and dressing all feminine and girly makes them feel emasculated and humiliated, and in doing so, turns them on. Some of the more daring of these submissives will even go as far as driving around or shopping in public as their Sissy self, to get that adrenaline rush of humiliation.

There are a handful of reasons beyond this list, but these are the most common found within the male chastity community.


Getting Started With Sissification

Getting started with sissification can be an exciting step, but it can also be overwhelming. If you or your partner is new to the fetish, start slow and build from there.

You can start by making your submissive wear a pair of panties around the house or to work (without boy boxers). You can also paint his toenails a shade of pink or red. These are great because they are all as easy to hide as a chastity cage! You can also start referring to him as a “girl”, calling him a “good girl” if he does something right.


If you want to take things further, you can make your new Sissy wear a sports bra, or shave off all of his (her) body hair to give “her” a smooth sexy look. Add a pair of stockings with it so she can feel the texture on freshly shaved legs, an unforgettable experience for any sissy.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can even give your sub a full sissy makeover! Give her a set of lashes, makeup, lipstick, a padded bra, and a dress, and tie it all together with a nice pair of high heels! Then parade her around the house or make her do some chores.


The more “girly” things you have your sissy do, the more she will enjoy this new role. Have her courtesy, or close her legs when she sits. Teach her how to be a proper lady.


Forced Sissification (Forced Feminization)

Forced Sissification, also known as forced feminization, is as the name implies, forcing your submissive to become more feminine. Of course, this would need to be consensual beforehand.


Many submissives enjoy being “forced” into doing something. It helps reinforce their status as a submissive. They may even put up a bit of a fuss if you tell them to do something, but deep down, they want you to insist on it, and force them into doing it.

Believing they do not have a choice in doing something will allow them to accept it more freely, and simultaneously feel as though they are serving their Dom(me)’s desires. And they will love you for it.


In Summary

Sissification is the process of feminizing a male by making him wear panties, bras, or other feminine products and accessories.
Many men wish to be feminized to get more in touch with their feminine side, because chastity has made them too horny, they enjoy the humiliation of it, or just because it’s kinky!


Turning your submissive into a Sissy can start slow with a pair of panties or painted toenails, and evolve into full-blown feminization with makeup, dresses, heels, and more!

A form of Sissification is Forced Sissification where you “force” your submissive to feminize themselves by insisting and not giving them a chance to back out. This consensual forced behavior makes your Sissy feel even more submissive to you.

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