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How To Handle Uncomfortable Nightly Erections in Chastity


One of the most common complaints we hear about are how uncomfortable nightly erections in chastity can be. If you have ever worn a chastity device overnight, you have probably experienced the uncomfortable, even painful tugging caused from a nighttime erection.

This discomfort causes many men to remain unlocked overnight, or even give up on practicing chastity altogether. We are here to let you know that doesn’t have to be the case! Here are some techniques you can use and keep in mind to help reduce the discomfort and get better quality sleep at night while staying locked in your chastity device.


Go to the Restroom

Whenever you are woken up by the discomfort of a nightly erection, it can take minutes before you calm down enough to go back to sleep. Instead of waiting it out, try to go to the restroom to urinate.

Going to the restroom will essentially force your body to deflate the erection, allowing you to return to sleep much more quickly.



Lotion is Key

The first and easiest step to make nightly erections in chastity significantly more comfortable is using lotion. We recommend an unscented moisturizing lotion for this (such as Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion), as it will alleviate the discomfort and make the penis more sensitive for play when it is unlocked.

pexels-karolina-grabowska-4938454Before you go to bed, take a small amount of lotion and rub it around the ring and scrotum – the areas which the ring could slide up and down at night. This will eliminate nearly all tugging and friction caused by the nightly erection pulling on the ball sack – which is usually the biggest culprit.

While you have the lotion out, squirt a small amount into the cage itself. Then use a cotton swab to spread it around the inside walls of the cage, trying to coat as much of the inside of the chastity tube as you can, as far back as possible. This will allow the penis to freely slide up and down the cage without friction, making your nightly erection much more bearable.

You only need to use enough lotion to provide lubrication. If there is any excess lotion when you are finished, gently wipe it away with a towel. This solution will often provide you with immediate relief.


Try Different Cage Sizes


Chastity Device (1)

Each person’s anatomy and nightly erection is different. Because of this, our bodies will all have their own “preference” of cage size. Some will find having a smaller cage that doesn’t allow you to get any form of an erection will yield the best sleep; while others will find it more comfortable having the most amount of room to grow.

If you own more than one cage size, try wearing each size for a few nights and monitor the quality of sleep you get from it.

Some chastity devices, such as The Vice, offer interchangeable cages without the need for purchasing an entirely new device each time.


It Gets Easier With Time

pexels-los-muertos-crew-8853839The first few nights locked in chastity can be difficult. You have added a contraption to your genitals that nature never intended to be there. Luckily for us, our bodies are adaptive to new environments and conditions, and it will adapt to this new circumstance as well.

After about a week in chastity, you will begin to notice the nightly wake up calls happen less and less frequently than before. This is your body adapting to its new environment. Your body will continue to adapt as the nights tick away, becoming easier and less frequent, until you achieve a full uninterrupted night of sleep!

In addition, once your body reaches this full adaptation, it remembers it for future lockups. Meaning you will find uninterrupted sleep while locked up in shorter periods of time for future chastity play.

It is important here to try and maintain the same cage while your body adapts. Drastic changes to your cage size at this stage can lead to restless sleep again.

After the first week in chastity, you should start to notice the wake up calls from your nightly erections may become less frequent. This is your body adapting to its new environment.


Scrotum Stretching

5The last tip for helping out with nightly erections is stretching out your scrotum, or ball sack. Nightly erections can be quite uncomfortable due to the erection pushing the cage away from your body, and tugging on the scrotum.

Over time, the scrotum will start to stretch out as a consequence of this constant tugging, allowing you a fuller erection with little to no tugging on the scrotum. This is one of the body adaptations that makes chastity become easier with time.

Instead of waiting for the body to stretch the scrotum over weeks of chastity play, you can accelerate the progress using a ball stretcher. Simply fasten the ball stretcher around your scrotum, and wear it for an hour or so at a time.

Rest assured, this process for most is not as uncomfortable as it may sound. Depending on the size of the stretcher, you may not experience any discomfort at all!

This will progressively stretch out the scrotum more effectively and in less time than a chastity device. Resulting in you having a more enjoyable chastity experience in a shorter amount of time!

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