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How to Handle Long-term Chastity


Enjoying chastity so much that you want to take it to the next level and try for a long-term lockup?  What does that look like to you – 1 month, 3 months, a year, or even longer…?

We will show you everything you need to know about long-term chastity so you can ensure the most enjoyment (or frustration) out of your experience.


Choose the duration

canstockphoto5938646The first step before locking the device in place is to determine how long you want your long-term chastity lockup to be.

It’s best to choose a length of time that will be challenging, but not over the top.  So if your longest lockup to date is 2 weeks, trying to take on a 1 year lockup is going to be wildly difficult; instead, try shooting for 1-2 months and work up from there.

For those experienced with 2+ month lockups, going 12+ months is not much more difficult than reaching 2 months.  The first 30 days of any lock up is the most difficult, generally speaking, as you adapt to your new situation.

After that, each subsequent month tends to bleed into the next.


Set Expectations

canstockphoto13119658If you are playing with a partner, it’s best practice to discuss ground rules beforehand.  Important topics are:

  • A Safeword – in case you need to get out in an emergency
  • Emergency Key(s)
  • Doctor visits
  • Travel/Holiday/Vacations
  • Unlock & Orgasm schedule
  • Expectations from each person

A popular way to write these items out is in the form of a chastity contract, where all important topics and expectations are detailed, and then signed by both parties.  (We are working on a custom chastity contract builder where you can plug in what you want it to include and out comes the contract).


Choose the right chastity device(s)

The-Vice-Male-Chastity-Belt-Purple-Side-ViewThis step is crucial to ensuring an enjoyable long-term lockup.  Be sure you choose a device that you have comfortably worn for at least two weeks, ideally without unlocking.  If you have an uncomfortable cage, reaching a long-term goal will be next to impossible.

You may own several cages that suit your needs; depending on your unlock schedule, it can be fun and exciting to swap between different chastity devices between unlocks!



Teasing & Orgasms

canstockphoto54147498Some of the key components of chastity are tease & denial, edging, and orgasms.  But this can play a slightly different role during long-term lockups.

For example, being unlocked and/or cumming weekly actually tends to be more difficult to endure than doing so monthly.   If you choose to have a monthly unlock/orgasm schedule, your body will forget what it feels like, making the journey easier.

If you prefer to have a more difficult and frustrating experience, then be sure to pack it  full of tease & denial, and regular edging!

Choosing the amount of unlocks, orgasms, teasing, and edging can also be a moving target.  You can shift the amount of each from one week to the next, or one month to the next.  It can be fun to mix it up.


Enduring the Lockup

canstockphoto92669076Now that you’re prepped and ready to lock yourself up, it’s time to prepare for what’s to come (or not come…).

The first few weeks of your lockup will usually be the most intense, especially if you are coming off of regular orgasms.  Your libido will be at an all time high, and you will be horny and frustrated nearly every minute of the day.

As time goes on, and the weeks turn into months, the excitement will still be significantly present; but, the volume will be turned down to more normal levels on a daily basis. You will still be readily horny on any given moment, but it won’t be as distracting as it was in the first few weeks.

You will also find it easier to cope with not being able to touch or relieve yourself anymore.  Granted, there will still be challenging days, but they will be much less frequent.

When the challenging days arise, it’s important to keep your long-term goal in mind, and not give in to the momentary weakness.  It can be immensely helpful to have a partner or a keyholder to help you not give in.


Proper Care

canstockphoto6018954Taking the proper care of yourself and your genitals is vital for having a long-lasting and enjoyable lockup.

Ensuring that you maintain proper hygiene with regular bathing and deep cleaning will help keep your genitals free from bacteria and pungent odors.  We recommend reading How To: Maintain Proper Hygiene When in Chastity for tips and techniques to ensure a well-maintained genitalia.

Part of proper care is also listening to your body.  If you feel any discomfort outside of normal chastity aches, it’s best to play it safe and remove the device to examine the issue, and assess if the lockup should be continued immediately afterwards, or if you need a break before continuing.



In Summary

Before undergoing a long-term chastity lockup, it’s best to outline and prepare how long the lockup will be for, the safeword, orgasm schedule, and expectations will be for each person (which works well laid out in a chastity contract), and what chastity device(s) will be used for the lockup.

Screenshot 2022-12-07 031744Enduring the lockup can be challenging in the beginning; however, it does get easier after 30 days.  The intensity factor gets turned down a bit after a month, but you will still be very horny.  You can increase the horniness with more unlocks, orgasms, edging, and teasing & denial if you wish, or you could tone it down to a monthly release to make the experience less intense.

Maintaining proper care of your genitals is vital for long-term success.  Be sure you are bathing regularly and keeping the area squeaky clean.  Listen to your body if you start feeling any unusual discomforts and remove the device to inspect the issue.

Have a safe and enjoyable long-term lockup!

If you have any other tips or suggestions for long-term lockups, please email me at Austin@lockedinlust.com and I can work on adding them in!

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