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Pros & Cons of Cheap Chastity Knockoffs

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Cheap Knockoffs - Good or Bad?

One of the biggest questions people have are if cheap knockoffs sold online are worth it.  And the answer to that debate is.... it depends.  It depends on what you are looking for in your chastity experience.  In this email I will show you how to spot a knockoff, and the pros and cons of a cheap knockoff so you can determine for yourself if it is worth it.


How to Spot a Cheap Knockoff

  • PRICE - The easiest way to identify a cheap knockoff is in the name - it's cheap!  Most knockoffs will be priced under $50 USD.  
  • NAME - Knockoffs will use very generic names, such as BDSM toy, Chastity toy, Chastity belt, Chastity cage, without any brand affiliations.  They usually try to include as many keywords as possible to be discovered on as many searches as possible.
  • REVIEWS - Knockoffs are notorious for their cheap quality, as a result, you will find their average customer reviews to be below a 4-star rating.
  • SELLER - Keep an eye out on the name of the seller.  If the brand owner is not selling the product, do some research on the seller to ensure they are reputable - otherwise, the product will likely be a knockoff. 



  • The product is cheap and affordable
  • Easy gateway to chastity - good for sizing/trying it out
  • Good for non-serious "session" play for short-term lockups (less than 1 week)


  • Cheap material is used, likely resulting in breakage after little use
  • Lower quality manufacturing makes for a less-comfortable device
  • Very long shipping times to receive product
  • No warranties offered on the product
  • No support offered by seller


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