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Ball Trap or Full Belt?

ball-trap full_belt-removebg-preview copy

Another factor to consider when looking for a chastity device is choosing between a Ball Trap design (pictured left) or a Full Belt design (pictured right).  What, aside from the obvious, is different between these two designs; and why would you want to choose one over the other?  Keep reading to find out.




Ball trap devices are among the most common in the chastity world.  Instead of the device wrapping around your waist, a ring fastens behind the scrotum, wrapping around the testicles and penis.  The cage is then placed over the penis and the device locked.


The ball trap device is a lower-profile device, but can still provide substantial security - especially with a Prince Albert piercing.  These devices are usually quite comfortable and great for an active lifestyle.



  • More Affordable
  • Can be very discreet
  • Easier assembly
  • Great for an active lifestyle
  • Easier to maintain hygiene


  • Most are not as secure as a full waist
  • Testicle "tugging" can occur in the beginning until wearer gets used to device



Full Belt

A full belt is a robust device.  As the name indicates, it firmly wraps around the wearer's waist; and if sized properly, is nearly impossible to remove without the key. 


Having the security lie in the waist rather than the balls allows for some interesting designs, and forms of play/lockup.  From full encapsulation to tucking everything in to give no profile around the genitals, and an array of designs in between.  This belt can offer a unique experience that simply cannot be obtained by a ball-trap device.



  • Extremely secure
  • Each design offers unique lockup experiences
  • No genital "tugging" when aroused


  • Can be very expensive
  • Not as discreet as ball-trap devices
  • More difficult to keep clean
  • May need to be resized/replaced if too much body weight is gained/lost
  • Not as secure if mid-region is larger than waist measurements


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