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Introduction To Chastity Lockups


Experiencing chastity for the first time can be an immeasurably exciting experience, and that excitement lives on with each subsequent lockup.

It’s important to know what chastity feels like, the best safe practices for starting your chastity journey, as well as popular ways to evolve your experience into your ultimate fantasy. We will break down all of this and more to ensure you receive the most enjoyment from your lockups.


What does chastity feel like

canstockphoto26976386One of the most common questions we see from someone that hasn’t experienced chastity is, “what does it feel like?"

While each person’s experience can differ slightly, the overall experience is this – it feels amazing! The closest way to describe the sensation is it is similar to having the penis squeezed firmly. It’s restrictive, but pleasurable at the same time.

As your body fights to achieve an erection, but no matter how intense, all attempts are futile; you can feel yourself surrendering to your chastity cage.

Not being able to achieve a full erection offers a new dimension of bondage, sexual frustration, and denial, sending your libido and arousal to new unforeseen heights, and that sensation is highly addictive.


Safe Practices

canstockphoto54177445Before you begin your chastity experience, it’s important to know and understand the key components that make a successful and enjoyable lockup. Knowing these before you click the lock shut will ensure you can do so safely, and will help you reach longer lockups in less time (a bit of an oxymoron).

We have broken these key components into the following subsections: Sizing / Hygiene / Discomfort.


Proper Sizing

canstockphoto3606875The most important factor to your chastity experience is ensuring you have the proper sized device. If it is too big or too small, you will quickly find yourself disappointed with the outcome.

We recommend following our How to Measure Yourself For Chastity guide before purchasing any device. This will give you the measurements you need when searching for a device that will fit you best.

If you don’t own a chastity device yet, we strongly recommend finding a device that offers multiple sizing options, such as The Vice, so you can size yourself at home without having to make multiple purchases. You can also read How to Find the RIGHT Chastity Device for a starting point on where to look and what to look for.

If you do have a device with multiple sizes, always start with the largest, and try it for a few hours, before determining if you need a smaller size. If it’s too loose and wobbling off, then you certainly want to downsize. If it’s too tight and cuts off blood flow, causing the testicles to turn dark blue/purple, then you will want to move to the next size up.



canstockphoto9970693Hygiene is an important, but often overlooked, step of chastity. Locking your genitals in a limited-ventilation contraption causes sweat, bacteria, and odors to build.

It’s crucial to bathe daily and wash and dry the inside of the cage out as thoroughly as you can to prevent this from happening. We have also put together a series of techniques to ensure you achieve the utmost hygiene when locked in chastity. Be sure to read How To: Maintain Proper Hygiene When In Chastity to see the best practices for staying clean.





Discomfort & Safety

canstockphoto99066818When trying chastity for the first few times, you will experience a wide range of different sensations. For longer lockups, the achy feeling of blue balls is common.

But if you feel anything sharp, burning, or painful, it’s your body telling you something is wrong. When this happens, remove the device immediately and inspect the area to ensure everything is okay before locking yourself back up.

Chastity is not meant to be a painful experience that you white-knuckle your way through. It is important, especially in the beginning, to stay in-tune with your body and listen to what it is telling you. As you become more adept with chastity, you will be able to easily identify the normal chastity aches versus when something is wrong.

If you are locking yourself up with a partner, it’s a good idea to establish a safeword to use for when you experience this discomfort. The safeword should be something random that would normally not be said in regular conversation (i.e. balloon, pineapple, or briefcase), as this will let the other person know this is an emergency.


Starting & Evolving Your Experience

canstockphoto2679768One of the most common goals for many in the chastity lifestyle is experiencing longer and longer lockups. And the experience of a longer lockup is certainly fun! But when starting your chastity journey, you want to start small, and build yourself up to longer lockups.

This will help you better understand the chastity experience, the different psychological effects it will have on you at each level, and how you will respond to each subsequent lockup.

When you size your device correctly, it’s best to start with a few hours tops. Afterwards, unlock yourself and ensure everything is okay with your equipment. If you liked it, try to double it the next day. If everything is still okay, push for an entire day after that. If you feel you can handle more, double it again to 2 days, then 4, then a week, and then 2 weeks, etc.

This is the rule of 2. After every successful lockup, doubling the time is usually a good threshold until you find the ideal lockup duration.

Take your time here and don’t try to rush yourself into outrageously long lockups. Enjoy the journey and see what each interval feels like to you.


Enhancing Your Lockup

canstockphoto17977722One of the greatest joys of chastity is tease & denial. The biggest and most desirable experience is being turned on more than you can handle, and going well beyond that point, all while not being able to do a damn thing about it.

If you are playing with a partner, you can introduce them to some of your other kinks and let them fully exploit them while turning you on to no end. More IS better!

If you are playing solo, you can watch your favorite pornography or read your favorite kind of literotica while edging yourself. You can even edge yourself while still locked up by using a vibrating wand, such as our Deluxe Vibrating wand, which will send intense sensations through to your locked penis, allowing you to achieve an edge (or even an orgasm).

For more ideas on different Tease & Denial techniques, be sure to check out our Tease & Denial Guide. It offers a variety of T&D techniques and breaks each one down into varying levels of intensity.

Getting yourself as turned on as you possibly can (and denied) will give you a delightfully frustrating experience in chastity. It will always leave you craving more, but never quite getting the itch. And that feeling is addicting.


In Summary

The-Vice-Male-Chastity-Belt-Purple-Side-ViewExperiencing chastity for the first time is an interesting sensation. The closest resemblance is squeezing your penis firmly, it feels both good and restrictive.

The most important thing to remember with chastity is safety. You want to size yourself properly with our How to Measure Guide, and find a device that meets your anatomy. Finding a Size-Adjustable device will make it easier to shift measurements at home without buying more parts.

Maintaining proper hygiene is necessary when locked in chastity. Bathing daily and washing out and drying the inside of the cage will prevent odors and bacteria from building up.

Listen to your body. If you are experiencing some uncomfortable sensations, remove the device to inspect the area to be sure everything is okay down there. If you are playing with a partner, it is a good idea to establish a safeword to use in emergencies like this.

Once you lock yourself up, compound your lockups with the rule of 2. After every lockup, double the length of time as your previous lockup until you find a duration that suits you best.

Increase the intensity of your lockups with regular Tease & Denial. Have your partner exploit all of your fetishes to turn you on to the max. Or if playing solo, watch some pornography or do some edging to really build the sexual frustration.

If you have any questions about how or where to get started, please email us at support@lockedinlust.com and we will be happy to help!

Now enjoy your chastity lockup experience!

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