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Chastity Shrinkage

Is Chastity Shrinkage a Myth?


One of the common concerns for many newcomers to chastity is “will chastity shrink my penis”?  Whereas others into the lifestyle are intentionally trying to shrink their manhood.

Some will argue that chastity does shrink your penis, and then there are others that argue against it, saying even after a 6-month lockup they were quickly restored back to normal.  In this blog, we are going to debunk this myth once and for all.


Does Chastity Cause Penile Shrinkage

The answer to this question is… only if you want it to.  There is a lot to unpack with that answer and even more questions that start to bubble up in its place.  What if I don’t want to shrink, vs. what if I do want to shrink?  As well as will the shrinkage be permanent?  And much more.


Only if you want it to”… by this I mean shrinking yourself is actually a choice.  There are many factors that will determine if your girthy beef stick will remain steadfast and strong or shrivel down to an itty bitty clitty, and you can choose which path you want to take!

The main factors that influence penile shrinkage are:

  • Size of the chastity cage
  • Frequency of unlocks
  • Length of time unlocked
  • Amount of erection/playtime
  • Hormone therapy

The next big question to ask yourself is, “do I want to shrink in chastity”?


Chastity WITHOUT Penile Shrinkage

If you’re looking to experience chastity without fear of losing inches on your precious organ then there are a few things you will want to keep in mind about your lockup.  If you stick to at least two of the three guidelines below, you should not experience any shrinkage.

ONE. You will want to ensure that you choose a chastity cage that allows for plenty of room to grow and get erect.  A full erection isn’t necessary (it would hardly be chastity if it was), but you want to be able to achieve roughly 70% or more of an erection in your cage.  This will allow for enough blood flow to your penis to ensure it maintains its stature.  Any smaller, and you will start to restrict the blood flow and can start to introduce shrinking (more on that later).


TWO.  Stay on a semi-regular unlock schedule.  One or two unlocks per week to “stretch the muscles” should be more than enough.  This will keep your body pumping enough blood to the region to maintain a full erection and prevent any decline in size or blood flow to the area.

THREE.  When unlocked, introduce longer periods of foreplay, with plenty of tease and denial, and edging.  Edging and teasing a denied unlocked cock will cause it to swell to its maximum capacity, ensuring an abundance of blood flow, which can not only help maintain an erection but even help increase the size of your beloved friend!  Of course, an orgasm at the end will be entirely up to your keyholder…


So, if you are a fanatic for the restriction of a tight chastity cage and don’t want to give it up; ensure that you are receiving semi-regular unlocks, and plenty of time to throb that hard erection outside of the cage. Or if you prefer longer periods of confinement, and love your tease and denial, then be sure you have a cage that lets you grow and maximize your erections during your T&D sessions.

Sticking to these simple guidelines will help ensure you will not experience shrinkage during your lockup, even if it is a long-term lockup.  But if you do notice your size diminishing before your eyes, rest assured… it can be reversed.


Reversing Shrinkage

If you endured a long-term lockup, and you notice that you have lost an inch, or two, or more – whether intentionally or unintentionally – just know the damage can be undone.

Just like gaining or losing weight tends to be a lengthy process, so is gaining or losing inches on your penis. But the results can usually sway in either direction you choose with enough of the right actions.


If you are looking to recover lost ground, try to take a temporary hiatus from chastity if possible.  This will allow for more natural erections to occur, and the regular volume of blood flow to restore to the penis (especially during nighttime erections).  This will help expand the blood vessels and capillaries in the penis, bringing it back to its former glory.

Another technique is regular masturbation.  NOTE… not regular cumming, but regular masturbation.  Whether it’s you or your partner/keyholder, masturbating with tease and denial regularly will help bring about many fantastic erections, which will further increase the blood flow to the region and restore lost size. Try for this a few times a day, and you will start to see results in as little as a week or two.


Penis Pump.  Using a penis pump is the tried-and-true method for penile enhancement.  Use a pump once or twice daily to help restore blood to the region, expand vessels and capillaries, and increase length and girth of your hearty meat member.  Be sure to study the safety material of a penis pump, because there is such a thing as overinflated, and that outcome is not desirable (Google at your own risk).

Male enhancement pills are also a favorite among some.  We are not doctors and do not have any background knowledge on the topic, but we have heard success stories about them, so we figured it was worth listing.  But please, do your research before you put any enhancement drug into your body.

These handful of tips will help you restore what was once lost and forgotten.  Now let us turn to the chastity enthusiasts that want to shrink into the itty bitty clitty.


Using Chastity and Other Techniques to Shrink Your Penis

Let’s swing the pendulum to the other side now and show you ways that you can shrink your penis with chastity.  This tends to be very popular among those who enjoy humiliation, emasculation, sissification, and/or feminization; however, there are numerous others who simply enjoy the art of penile shrinkage.

To start, know that shrinking your penis is a process.  You will not notice appreciable results in a few weeks. It will take months of chastity to achieve real shrinkage.  If you feel you have what it takes, then read on…


The first step toward penis shrinking with chastity is to minimize (or eliminate if possible) the number of erections you give yourself.  Remaining chaste and rarely unlocking yourself will help achieve this goal.

Doing this for extended periods of time, with little-to-no erections will eventually cause the blood vessels and capillaries to shrink; thus, resulting in a smaller penis.

As the penis shrinks, it is key to find a cage that is most appropriate to the flaccid size of the penis or smaller.  The goal here is to ensure the penis cannot expand beyond what its current flaccid state allows, resulting in further shrinkage of the vessels.

Screenshot 2023-03-11 051100

Once it has shrunk again, and you notice “empty space” in the cage, you will want to downsize again to maintain the shrinking process.  Continually repeat these steps until you have shrunken down to the little nub you (or your keyholder) desires.

For those wanting to go the extra mile, undergoing hormone therapy can also drastically accelerate the shrinking process.  Be sure to talk to your doctor before undertaking such a procedure, as some instances can be permanent.


In Summary

To review, is chastity shrinkage a myth?  The answer is a resounding “no”.  However, it entirely depends on the choice of individual that is being locked up if they want to experience shrinkage.

Chastity shrinkage can be avoided if you utilize a large enough cage to maintain 70% or more of an erection, ensuring semi-regular unlocks to “stretch the muscles”, and enact some Tease & Denial play to help throb for longer periods of time.


If you do notice you have lost some size on your precious, this will only be a temporary setback if you take a short hiatus of chastity, perform regular masturbation (without cumming), and use a penis pump to increase blood flow to the region.

However, if your desire is to shrink as small as you can, then you will want to continually downsize your chastity cage to fit the size of your flaccid penis (or smaller), and continue this process as it shrinks further and further.

With that, enjoy your lockups and/or shrinking!


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